LPGas (Liquid Petroleum Gas)

We are registered and licensed to perform legal LPGas installations at domestic / residential level. We can assist to repair those 'temporary' (or also know as illegal), or faulty installations and to bring it up to standards as mandated by current regulations. By law, only licensed installers are allowed to work on, or install LPGas appliances and installations. Verify your installer's credentials at http://www.saqccgas.co.za.

Should you be selling your house, or farm, etc. you need to obtain a new certificate of conformity for the new owner, just as you would have to do for the electrical installation at your property. At this time, your installation would need to comply with the most current relgulations and standards as applicable.

Remain reminded that your insurance company not only need to know (by way of a legal and valid certificate of compliance) that your installation is safe and compliant, but that, should there be an incident, they will have your installation verified prior to making any payouts. Apart from potential damage to property and assets, consider that illegal and faulty installations can be life-threatening for you, your loved ones and others.

Thus, be very aware of the potential for personal liability in this aspect.