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LPGas (Liquid Petroleum Gas, "Gas") - Installations

Act 85 of 1993 (Occupational Health and Safety), Pressure regulations, 17(c) stipulates that only authorised personnel are allowed to work on LPGas appliances or perform LPGas installations. Verify your installer's credentials by visiting

The SANS 10087-1 standard lays down strict regulations for existing and new installations and determines how authorised personnel are allowed to go about the business. Should you already have a LPGas installation of a few years old, it might not be compliant anymore. Should you wish to expand on your exisiting installation, or have home improvements or extensions done affecting the LPGas installation, the entire installation will have to be made compliant with the latest regulations.

As mentioned elsewhere on these webpages, do contact a licensed LPGas installer first when you are planning changes or additions, or should you envisage a brand new LPGas installation. There are tight regulations applicable that determines the location and installation possibilities of LPGas appliances, and even the proximity of windows, lights, switches, cupboards, gulleys, etc plays a role. Preferably, speak to your LPGas installer prior to involving the architect, so that you can avoid troubles, dispair and the wasting of your hard-earned cash.

Plumbing, electrical and other services must consider the LPGas installation, or infringement of the codes might unintentionally occur.

Neither a plumber, nor an electrician (or engineer, or welder, or lawyer, or mechanic, hairdresser, etc.) are licensed to perform LPGas installations unless specifically qualified and certified (authorised) as such.

Basic guidelines (and there are many, many more):

Inside the house - max 1 x 19kg gas bottle

Inside the flat - max 1 x 9kg gas bottle

Outside the house - As soon as the maximum LPGas on site (inside or outside) exceeds 100kg, the local government as well as fire brigade needs to be involved.

Should your design be such that gas pipes need to be located in the floor, or inside the walls - approved building plans are required which clearly states the exact location of these prior to installation proceeding.

The complete SANS 10087-1 regulations are available for purchase from the SABS website, or you could ask your licensed installer to explain the relevant codes as applicable to your unique requirements.

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